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My Beast
Since the day I met him, I've been raising my own little pet. It used to be that I think he'd notice, every now and then, after all those years together. If he didn't approve of it, he never showed it. There were times where I even suspected he enjoyed that I kept it around, nurturing it, even if he was reluctant to acknowledge it. Perhaps he pretended to ignore it, a small bit of narcissism clamoring that there was nothing I could love equally to him. I suppose, in a way, that it was true that I showed more affection for him than my beast. I always fed them equally, and generously at that. And whenever I showered my beast with affection, he got to enjoy it as well, even if the inverse weren't quite as true.
But I loved my beast for what it was, though I always loved it more as it grew bigger by my hand. It is a beautiful thing, for how unrestrained it is. Trapped though it may be in an eternal cage it's never dissuaded from being as free as it pleases. Whenever the confines around it
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Delta Reference by Doom7951 Delta Reference :icondoom7951:Doom7951 5 0
Cake for the Catboy
One bite couldn’t hurt, right? Master surely wouldn’t miss one bite, would she?
Rori wanted to say the thought justified the way he longingly stared at the three-tiered marvel. It was a simple affair, white frosting all over the outside with alternating purple and golden icing lining the upper and lower corners of each level. Master, or Cake as he so often heard her referred to as, had some kind of celebration coming up. She was out for the morning, but the other guy who lived with her had brought in the delectable monstrosity shortly afterwards. It was easily taller than the blonde little catboy. And if he had to guess, it was wider, too. Once there was a point where he wouldn’t have questioned the possibility, but ever since he’d shown up, Master had been more than generous in seeing to it that he was glutted regularly.
Not that it had really curbed his tendencies for snacking. If anything, it just made his usual habits worse, because he started needing more t
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The Portal
Hi there. Let me guess: you, like so many before you, are wondering how I got so massive in just a few years, aren’t you? Don’t look so surprised. A little mind-reading is a parlor trick for even the most novice of actual magicians. Of course, I didn’t need to take a peek, not when you’re wearing that familiar, gawking expression. You know, that look of utter disbelief that that wisp of a girl you knew suddenly reappearing at two, maybe three times her size deserves.  It’s not a look to be embarrassed about. Honestly, my size is one of the easiest of the changes I’ve experienced to get used to. But back to the question on your mind. How did I get so fat?
Well, I suppose that you already know that unlike some “magicians” out there who only perform with optical illusions, sleight of hand and other gimmicks, I’m one of the few individuals in the show business that’s the real deal. I remember seeing you at one of my shows bef
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At the End of the Day
Another day, another unfortunately long day at work. You let the door to your girlfriend’s place click shut as quietly as you could. There were a number of things to be said for being with her, the collective hours saved driving from her house to your job instead of from your dingy old apartment, and the affections that she was so fond of lavishing on you where before you just had a few empty rooms. Most guys you knew would’ve probably been dissatisfied with a relationship where they weren’t the breadwinner. You weren’t so against it, since what you brought to the relationship compared to what she did didn’t matter nearly as much as whether or not the both of you were happy. That wasn’t to say you didn’t want to be able to do more for her. She was fairly well-off from the moment she’d left school, as you understood, and she kept things flowing for herself through sound investments and a lot of freelance work utilizing her voice and enthus
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“Ready, Sakuya?” I shook my shoulders, loosening them up just a bit. I was going to need it.
“Please, shouldn’t I be the one asking that question?” Where I was squaring up my stance, she was simply letting herself sway in place, shifting herself fluidly while giving me no indication how she was going to tackle this. I didn’t let the relaxation of her posture fool me, though. Her fuzzy, rounded, white ears were perked up atop her head. We hadn’t even begun, and she was already on her guard. The pale braid of her long hair mimicked the serpentine motions of her thin tail, a little pair of pendulums behind her as one calm breath followed another.
“Then in three…” I exhaled, steadying myself. I knew she was far more agile than me, so I needed to fixate on her movement to defend myself appropriately. A breeze caught my t-shirt, whipping the hem in the same direction as the unkempt grass and the boughs above us.
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Some mornings, it was rather hard to tell if it was a good thing to be both poorly off financially and cheap as fuck, or bad. This was one such morning. At worst, you had to wake up a couple hours early to make it to a frankly shitty job that didn’t pay its workers nearly what they deserved for the things they put up with. Honestly, it could’ve been half an hour beforehand were it not for the individual who helped you make rent every month. By virtue of the fact that neither of you really had enough to spare, the apartment you’d rented was a single-bed affair. And unfortunately, your roommate was a very heavy sleeper, in more ways than one. Pleasant company though the scaled girl might’ve been, the simple fact of how much she habitually tossed and turned in her sleep was quite problematic, when so often she ended up either partially or entirely atop you. This presented issues in two ways. Firstly, she had a solid foot and a half of height on you, and was a littl
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Their Secret
“Come on, Claire! Hurry up, already. We both need this, and he’ll probably be back within an hour.”
A sliver of space between the boards acted as a peephole for you, allowing you to see your sister Bessy rather impatiently pulling your other sister into the barn. You’d caught them in a similar situation a few times over the last couple of weeks; the first being shortly after you had finished cleaning up in there. When you had checked later, nothing seemed different, which got you wondering what they might’ve been up to. As the youngest of the three, fresh out of high school, the direction your thoughts took things was rather predictable for any boy your age, though you felt a bit pressed to believe that the reality would live up to your imaginings. Bessy had a habit of picking up guys at the local gym every other week, the rapid change of “friends” apparently driven by how quickly she’d make them feel uncomfortably self-conscious. Claire,
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Mature content
The Runaway :icondoom7951:Doom7951 0 0
The Fighter
"Oh, gods damn it."
That frustratingly smug chuckle I'd grown used to over the years rang out once more in mockery of my efforts. My owner, such as he was, was impossibly arrogant. I had been able to see it in him from the moment we met. The problem was, his arrogance was vindicated by skill. He had acquired me, rather insultingly, as a joke. Why not take a sword that cursed its wielder with bad luck, he had asked, then boasting that all I would do in a fight was make things a little less one-sided. Much to my chagrin, he wasn't wrong. Challengers came and went, believing that maybe this time they stood a chance. And for every man or woman that dared, he added another victory to his seemingly flawless reputation. It was only a year or two after he had attained me that I decided he was due to be taken down from his high horse. That first time was possibly the greatest of my regrets.
I had assumed the form of a tender young woman that he kept a picture of in a locket. I'd seen him look f
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Mature content
Sweet Dreams Aren't Made of This :icondoom7951:Doom7951 1 0
The Huntress
“Come on. Wake up.”
A pair of hands gripped my shirt near the shoulders, shaking me very insistently but achieving little more than causing my head to tilt to one side. It took a moment for my eyes to focus on my surroundings as they opened, lengthy walls of brown and black defining themselves into carefully woven together boughs of trees. The ceiling was little different, though with holes placed at irregular intervals letting sunlight stream in. Beneath me, the floor felt of slightly coarse but soft fibers, not unlike the feeling of the fur of a cat or dog. But possibly most important of all was what, or rather who, was directly over me.
At first glance, most definitely a woman. A heavy tan said plenty of a preference for being outdoors, the sewn together furs of several animals said huntress, but curiously they were arranged rather scantily and in such a fashion as to be better described as provocative. Complimenting her bronzed complexion were a couple simple tattoos, t
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The Stray
I awoke to a plush, carpeted floor against my side. Not linoleum, the recognizable smoothed texture of my floor plenty familiar from all the times I rolled out of bed quite literally. Nor was this the covering upon my floor a few feet from my bed, this was too luxurious, to fine compared to the coarse and shortened fibers which I owned. Still groggy, for I couldn't have slept for more than four hours judging by the feel of it, I propped myself upon my elbow as my other thumb and forefinger rubbed gently at my eyes. The alien nature of the room was only further confirmed as I gained awareness by visual observation. It looked old. Older than even medieval castles I had visited when on a brief tour of Spain. The walls were plain stone, though decor was carved in in certain places. A fireplace here, pillars there. The rest was elaborate tapestry and curtains, varnished wood decor, and of course the rug on which I lay.
I could vaguely see the first vestiges of the sun on the horizon, unsure
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Turnabout and Unfair Play pt. 2
The sharp, sudden series of knocks startled Lucian from the food-filled haze he was in. Holly had finished up a feeding session half an hour earlier, leaving her prey and partner insensate with a vast array of meats and cheeses. The wolf girl’s departure from the house to re-stock the poor boy’s fridge had allowed him to change back to his more comfortable form. The biggest downside to being left alone in a state of turgid exhaustion was the fact that Holly couldn’t give him her wonderfully soothing belly rubs. As if that weren’t enough, though he’d resumed human form, Lucian knew that Holly never knocked when coming in, and Renee never came over without calling first. Which meant that whoever was at his door, so agonizingly far away in his bloated state, was so much less likely to be understanding of his condition. Heaving himself out of his chair, Lucian waddled slowly towards the front entrance, taking extra care not to upset the packed dome of his burg
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Non-Canon Fats by Doom7951 Non-Canon Fats :icondoom7951:Doom7951 100 5
Turnabout and Unfair Play pt. 1
Opportunity knocks, or so the saying goes. Marcus’ typical demeanor and general understanding of irony, however, took no particular issue when the door buzzer to his sparsely decorated apartment pulled his attention from the mindless dross playing on his television. Mostly unannounced visitors were practically nonexistent to grace the humble rented space, which the somewhat pompous blonde could only interpret to mean one thing: the number of times he’d pestered Lucian’s seemingly recent girlfriend, Holly, about pointing any friends of hers in his direction had finally paid off. Taking a moment to tame the mess of wavy hair that he left somewhat unkempt when not going out, Marcus did a quick once-over of his attire, intending to give the best first impression he could to this blind date.
The lady standing on the other side of the peephole was a little short, a ruffled nest of raven hair just barely giving way to smooth creamy skin just a few tones light of a rich, luxu
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Since the day I met him, I've been raising my own little pet. It used to be that I think he'd notice, every now and then, after all those years together. If he didn't approve of it, he never showed it. There were times where I even suspected he enjoyed that I kept it around, nurturing it, even if he was reluctant to acknowledge it. Perhaps he pretended to ignore it, a small bit of narcissism clamoring that there was nothing I could love equally to him. I suppose, in a way, that it was true that I showed more affection for him than my beast. I always fed them equally, and generously at that. And whenever I showered my beast with affection, he got to enjoy it as well, even if the inverse weren't quite as true.

But I loved my beast for what it was, though I always loved it more as it grew bigger by my hand. It is a beautiful thing, for how unrestrained it is. Trapped though it may be in an eternal cage it's never dissuaded from being as free as it pleases. Whenever the confines around it grew tiresome, it would push at the walls entrapping it until it was satisfied with its newfound space. Lately, it has been restless in renovating. Whenever it surprises me by going far beyond its normal limits of space, I find myself adoring it all the more and rewarding it accordingly.

As close as my beast stays to my lover, I have to wonder how he always remained so unperturbed whenever we entered a crowded place. I knew for certain that others saw my pet. It was written in the hush that fell over onlookers before the murmurs began. Awe, envy, disdain. Those and so many others I've heard when my love and I go out, our pet dutifully following. Despite the whispered sneers and judgement by proximity, I could never abandon our beast, or make it more accommodating to the sensibilities of others. I've cared for it for so long that I think it would hurt me just as much to ever see it diminished in any way.

But, as taking away from it would pain my beast, my lover and myself, I've found that indulging the both of them to be an appropriate pinnacle of bliss. A particularly filling feast, even better when seasoned with the disapproval of an intolerant audience, would often see me pushed down by my pet once back at home, my lover holding the leash in one of the rare times that he acknowledges the third party in our relationship. In those rare times, he insists on seeing the utmost of my adoration, the reverence with which I treat the behemoth that, in reality, has always been his. I've never had any qualms about obliging such demands, given that they were the moments I'd dreamed of when I began my duty of care years before.

It was after the first night that I think my love began to accept the beast I'd raised as his. I think he began to see a facsimile of my own view, because no longer was I alone in keeping our pet fed. He more frequently ensured it was never left wanting, while I encouraged it to continue amassing its domain. Under both our watchful eyes, it did just that, impressively faster than ever. At first, we believed that we could continue on as we were, feeding our beast whenever it grumbled. Growing more vocal in the abundance of attention we gave it, I soon found it impossible to ignore how it pined for more nigh-constantly, and would loudly sigh in satisfaction so often when finally content. Eventually, it became demanding enough that my love retired from his regular work to focus more completely on tending our beast. The departure was mutually appreciated, his office just a quieter audience of disapproval of how it followed him around.

I must confess, our beast grew faster under my boyfriend's care than it ever had under my own. Not long after he devoted himself to it full-time, I began to notice that he'd often spend the day in one place, allowing himself to be pinned wherever he settled until necessity demanded he get up. With his acceptance, it seemed that so much time alone with our pet brought a few changes to him. More often we would go out in the evenings, repeating the ritual which had awakened his awareness. In its own way, it was bittersweet. Each iteration was tantalizing, make no mistake. The experience never lost its magic, despite what one might think after so many encores. No, what I'd inevitably noticed as such sessions became commonplace was that our beast had gradually come to a halt in its persisting bid to expand.

It was a while before I voiced that particular observation, though my love had naturally noticed long before. We both knew such a time would come, that our shared passion would plateau eventually. It didn't change our relationship, merely posed the question, "What next?" Truthfully, our answers were very much alike. To continue to love and care for our mammoth creature as we always had, and enjoy it for all it was. As a final resolution, after some consideration, we agreed to see if we could push our beast to grow one last time.

Our victim of choice was a recently opened buffet, one which hadn't rescinded its menu from us, yet. And as my boyfriend sat there, he panted and groaned at how glutted he was. My beast, proud to the last in its majesty, sat heavily in his lap as I brought the next course forward. Obediently, I pushed the plate forward as his belly, our beast, roared for more.
My Beast
A thing I wrote up while on night shift during an exercise in Louisiana. A bit more of a stream of consciousness-type piece, thinking of a metaphor for growing someone's appetite over years of a relationship.
By technicality from :iconcandykittenxx: And now with the actual tagging from :iconcakehoarder:

Name:  To my coworkers and other formal relations, the tendency is to refer to me as "Harder" (Terrible last name for being in the military.)

Sign: Scorpio

Average hours of sleep: 6

Lucky number: Luck is arbitrary. Numbers have very little to do with it that's set in stone.

Last thing I googled: How to permanently disable update to Windows 10.

Favorite fictional character: I know too many to pick a favorite. :A :

What are you wearing right now?: Clothes, if you can believe it.

When did you start this account?:  Eight years ago. Jesus, I'm getting old.

Amount of watchers/followers: 86. To the surprise of none, my consistent inactivity and generally low quality doesn't help me much.

What do I post?: Short stories, practice art of potential chubby types, and the occassional picture of yours truly.

Do I post anywhere else?: Furaffinity, name's the same and I post basically the same stuff.

Do I get a lot of comments?: Nope.

Why did you choose this username?: Because when described on stage presence, I was told I have the voice of impending doom, and then I picked random numbers.

I tag nobody. Because that's how I roll.

And per popular (and by that I mean anyone actually paying any notice) demand, I present the following

1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag other 8 characters.
4. Post their names along with their creators' Avatars.

Name: Lucian Grey

1. Largely speaking, Lucian stays out of contact with his family, due to the apparent impossibility for them to approve of his life choices, most frequently criticizing his choice of occupation, rather than doing something more financially profitable. His brother, meanwhile, never fails to point out how much their parents approve of him working in finance, which he happens to be apt at.

2. Despite his distance with his parents and brother, Lucian doesn't hold much ill will towards them, preferring a respectful mutual silence over active antagonizing.

3. He works full time as a photographer for Sebastian's little enterprise, making the money that supplements the money allotted to him from his parents to get started once he was out of the house by submitting additional photos to other businesses for comparatively small change.

4. Lucian is largely an introvert, but for doesn't take too much work to get used to people, so long as their personalities don't grate on him.

5. Following Holly's influence, he actually has adopted some quirks associated with cats, such as impulsively chasing after laser pointers, yarn and other cat toys.

6. He absolutely won't admit it, but even though he would be more inclined to dating Renee, he isn't at all repelled by Holly, which makes her flirtatious behavior with him that much more uncomfortable.

7. Lucian can use his newly acquired time magic to speed up his metabolism to the point where he can take the edge off of Holly's feedings after she's determined that he's full.

8. The primary reason Lucian hates Marcus' teasing is because Marcus is a guy. If he were ever gender-flipped, Lucian might just consider him.

ROUND TWO: FI-I mean and now for Jonathan.

Name: Jonathan Canis.

Fact 1: Despite the number of times he winds up gaining a lot of weight, he's not all that into it. He mostly takes it as well as he does for Sandra's benefit.

Fact 2: He and Sandra are not legally married, but consider their relationship to be just as concrete, if not more so.

Fact 3: He wants to be an English teacher.

Fact 4: He is actually pretty terrible at video games.

Fact 5: He has just enough pride that being challenged to anything will likely be met with him attempting it, i.e. video games.

Fact 6: He is capable of turning his entire body into living fire.

Fact 7: The aforementioned fire trick is also what allows him to frequently experience weight gain, with little repercussion. He can literally burn the extra pounds off.

Fact 8: His favorite physical attribute on a woman is a rather sizable rear.


United States
I will never be a memory.

Current Residence: Somewhere
Favourite genre of music: Video Game, Rock'n'Roll, Classical
Favourite style of art: The individual's style
MP3 player of choice: Screw the MP3's, I have an iPod
Skin of choice: CIPA patients, they're insensitive to pain
Personal Quote: I believe now is the part where you tell me to shut up.


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